The League

MN Pan Fishing League 

 The MN Pan Fishing League is a group of 25 teams in Minnesota with one goal; catch the best panfish in the metro.  We meet as competitive friends at four tournaments each year on metro lakes.  We value sportsmanship and honesty.  We promote catch and release, and value the great resources that Minnesota lakes have to offer.

2016 MN Pan Champions
Adam Griffith : Anthony Olsen

TOP 10 

StandingTeam NameSarahMTKASpringLake XPoint TotalBig Fish# of Fish
1stTeam Fishsmell1st1st3rd732.0845
2ndA Couple of Basstards3rd7th1st671.2345
3rdHappy Hookers2nd11th4th610.5239
4thKrappie Krahl & Piss-drunk Paul7th10th2nd590.5543
5thTeam N'ice Guys9th8th5th560.5345
7thPannie Snatchers5th4th15th540.5738
8thChubby Darters14th5th7th520.5438
9thDentist Rodman8th16th6th480.5237
10thCrappie Flop16th3rd13th460.5740

2016 Tourneys
All Tourneys start at 8am and end at 2pm
January 31st - Lake Sarah
Team NameBig# of FishWeightPlace
Team Fishsmell2.081510.491st
Happy Hookers0.52156.742nd
A couple of Basstards1.23156.373rd

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February 13th - Minnetonka
Team NameBig# of FishWeightPlace
Team Fishsmell0.73156.601st
Crappie Flop0.57155.453rd

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February 28th - Spring Lake
Team NameBig# of FishWeightPlace
A Couple of Basstards0.58155.171st
Krappie Krahl & Piss-drunk Paul0.55155.152nd
Team Fishsmell0.54155.063rd

March 20th - Lake X
Lake X was cancelled due to wet conditions..........really wet.........and a lack of ice to fish on.
*Lake X Tourney will be determined by drawing on the evening before the tourney, released in a you tube video.

Other Events:
November 3rd, 2015: 7pm - Yearly Meeting and Sign Up
December 27th, 2015: 10am-2pm - Chill N Grill 

Prizes and points awarded for overall weight.
Interested in joining? 
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2016 Sponsors
Panfish Plastics

STM Services, LLC