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MN Pan Fishing League 

 The MN Pan Fishing League is a group of 20 teams in Minnesota with one goal; catch the best panfish in the metro.  We meet as competitive friends at four tournaments each year on metro lakes.  We value sportsmanship and honesty.  We promote catch and release, and value the great resources that Minnesota lakes have to offer.

All Tourneys start at 8am and end at 2pm
January 4th - Lake Waconia
1st place - Team N'ice Guys with 5.00#, big fish .50#, 15 fish.
2nd place - Milf Oil with 4.90#, big fish .65#, 15 fish.
3rd place - Crappie Flop with 4.80#, big fish .45#, 15 fish.
4th place - Six Feet Off with 4.75#, big fish .90#, 15 fish.
5th place - Team Fishsmell with 4.60#, big fish .50#, 15 fish
6th Place - Krappie Krahl & Piss-drunk Paul with 4.30#, big fish .55#, 15 fish. 
**for a full run down check out the standings page.
January 25th - Upper Prior Lake
1st place -Team N'Ice Guys with 7.4#, big fish .85, 15 fish
2nd place -Pole Benders with 7.40#, big fish .75#, 15 fish
3rd place -Ice Hole with 6.95#, .85# big fish, 15 fish
4th place -PFD with 6.60#, .65# big fish, 15 fish
5th place -Beeracudas with 6.40#, .55# big fish, 15 fish
6th place -Crappie Flop with 6.25#, .65# big fish, 15 fish
Big Fish - Krappie Krahl and Piss Drunk Paul with .95# crappie
**for a full run down check out the standings page.
February 8th - Lake Independence
1st place - Team Fishsmell with 6.2#, big fish 0.65#, 15 fish
2nd place - Crappie Flop with 6.2#, big fish 0.6#, 15 fish
3rd place - Milf Oil with 6.05#, big fish 0.7#, 15 fish
4th place - Ice Whores with 5.7#, big fish 0.45#, 15 fish
5th place - PFD with 5.65#, big fish 0.5#, 15 fish
6th place - Team Nice Guys with 5.4#, big fish 0.5#, 15 fish
Big Fish - Milf Oil with .70# Crappie
**for a full run down check out the standings page.

March 1st - Mystery Lake TBD*
*TBD Lake will be determined by drawing to occur the evening before the tourney, released in a you tube video.

November 18th 7PM - Yearly Meeting 
December 21st 10am-2pm - Chill N Grill - Lake Riley
March 15th 8am-2pm- EOY Party and/or Make up tourney date

Prizes and points awarded for overall weight.
Interested in joining? 
Email for more details.

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