Fees and Points

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Team entry fees are $150.00 per team per year and covers entry for all four events, due before December 11th, 2018.


At each event, each team will choose one fish which they believe to be the largest and weigh that fish first, then the teams full limit will be weighed to determine overall weight.

Points breakdown:

1st - 25 points

2nd - 24 points

3rd - 23 points

continuing to 25th at 1 point.

Ties will be awarded to the team with the largest fish. If a tie persists, the team with the fewer number of fish will be awarded. If a tie still

persists, winners will be determined by a best of three Rock, Paper, Scissors battle to the death- or a coin flip - the two teams must decide.

If a decision can't be made, the league official makes the call.


Payouts are based on 25 teams : Pay-outs are determined by the number of teams entered

1st Place - $300

2nd Place - $200

3rd Place - $100

4th Place - $75

5th Place - $50

6th Place - $25

End of year prize:

Prizes for 1st through 4th will receive prizes at the end of the year, along with Big Fish and Team of the Year. The 1st place team will also have their team added to the MN Pan Fishing League trophy, which is displayed at Cabin Fever in Victoria. If two teams are tied for overall points, the team with the largest fish of the year will win the tie. If a tie persists, the team that caught the fewer number of fish throughout the year will win the tie.